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There have been Vehicle/Motoring based Lodges and Provincial clubs for many years, all operating happily but independently. The aim now is to have a national forum to represent and provide mutual support for these existing units as well as for the many new Lodges all over the country now popping up. In its Mission Statement, the proposed National Association of Motoring Lodges and Clubs (NAML) reckons that some 3,300 Freemasons own a Classic Car. The Statement outlines the benefits of coordination. The ability to draw on those Lodges and Club memberships could achieve for example:

• An annual conference
• A regular magazine which could also act as point of common contact and interest and expand to a for sale and wanted section
• A means of organising and promoting regional cluster meetings and events as well as national meetings and special events

There has been considerable interest from many Provinces - from West Wales to Lincolnshire and from Surrey to Yorkshire – but there's scope for much more.

About the NMVA

Our aim is to forge links with like-minded Lodges and Masonic car Clubs (and indeed where none such exist in the area even individuals) which are comprised of vehicle oriented members, keen to promote the interests of Freemasonry amongst their members and to encourage membership in general and greater Masonic contacts, to provide a support and networking group for each other. To arrange and facilitate events, trips and inter Lodge visiting Details of the individual lodge/club meetings and social functions will be circulated to members to encourage inter-visiting, giving both the younger and the more experienced Mason the opportunity of witnessing a wider variety of Masonic rituals and practices, to form new friendships and contacts across a wide geographical area and share in a common interest and passion in motor vehicles.

The Association will also provide the opportunity for members and Lodges to join together for social functions such as visits to places of interest or other vehicle related events which might as a result in addition stimulate interest and awareness of and about Freemasonry in general in their own right The association is intended to be an informal grouping to help develop and mutually support the enjoyment of vehicle themed special interest groups.

The Association is made up of vehicle special interest Lodges and Clubs from across England and Wales.

The association committee:

R.W. Bro. Geoffrey Dearing, PPrG Master - East Kent, Association President
W. Bro. Peter Hughes, AGPur, Chief Operating Officer
W. Bro. Ryland James, PSGD Chairman
W. Bro. Colin Berryman, PrGSwdB Sussex, Vice Chairman
W. Bro. Dennis Ashmore, PPrJGW (Derbyshire) Secretary and Coordinator Northern Region
W. Bro. Paul Williams, PrGSteward (Sussex) Cordinator Southern Region
W. Bro. Bernard Foad, PPrSGD (East Kent), LGR, APGSec Warks.) Cordinator Midlands Region and Metropolitan

Our Members

Bristol Masonic Classic Car Club (Bristol), Classic Motoring Lodge 10004 (Sussex), Derbyshire Classic Car Lodge 9983 (Derbyshire)
Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge 9950 (Derbyshire), Lincolnshire Masonic Motorcycle Club (Lincolnshire), Lodge of Progress 9893 (Worcestershire)
Province of Gloucestershire Classic Vehicle Register (Gloucestershire), Sir William Morris Lodge 10003 (Oxfordshire)
Square Wheels Club (Warwickshire), Square Wheels Lodge 9966 (Warwickshire), Sussex Motorcycling Lodge 9871 (Sussex)
West Kent Motoring Lodge 7480 (West Kent), Classics on the Square Club (Yorkshire West Riding), Michael Prince Lodge 9863 (Warwickshire)
The Morgan Lodge (Worcestershire), Silverstone Lodge 9877 (Northamptonshire), Free Wheelers Lodge 9991 (Lincolnshire)
Legge Lodge 2784 (Staffordshire Motorcycling Lodge), Burslem Chapter No 98

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